Welcome to Brightstar Counseling and Evaluation Center!

Does your child refuse to listen or follow instructions? Are you concerned with your child’s inability to control his/her emotions? Are schools having difficulty with your child’s behavior? Do you notice your child struggling with restlessness, organization, feeling overwhelmed, low self-worth, being disruptive, or other issues? Brightstar’s mental health professionals are here to help.

Our team, led by Board Certified Psychiatrist Dr. Mohammad Aman, consists of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, and licensed professionals counselors who are experienced in a wide variety of mental health issues. We pursue a multi-modal approach towards treating our patients. We believe that medication should be prescribed as a last resort.

Our team focuses on providing tools and coping skills necessary to reduce symptoms. We utilize a combination of behavior modification therapies, social skills training, parent training, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and other modes of treatment.

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• Anxiety
• Depression
• Family Distress
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder
• Disruptive Behaviors